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  • Yachts Women Love

    10 Reasons Lists are Great for Your Website

    Everyone is so busy trying to keep up with their lives, the latest in technology and social media connections, there isn’t time to read every in-depth article that comes along. Lists, videos and photo-articles save time and still gives important snippets of information to help keep people in …

  • German Soccer Team

    Top 10 Reasons to Pay Attention to The World Cup

    The World Cup has been receiving quite a bit of attention lately, especially in the United States where soccer is still far behind many of the other sports. There is something about the World Cup that gives spectators such a sense of national pride and reminds us of how small the world really is. …

  • landing page results

    How to use a landing page

    Before you start getting nervous at the words ‘landing page’, let’s explain what it actually means. A landing page, like the name suggests, is a page where you guide visitors to “land” on your website. Got it?  You guide them to go there in order to achieve one …


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